A dog’s life

snoopy croppedOn my way to the office this morning the sight of a toddler pulling his toy dog along stopped me in my tracks. It really isn’t long since my own Small Boy pulled his “Doggy” behind him everywhere he went, slowing our progress to the shops, church and playgroup. How soon those hassled and sleep deprived times became precious memories.

But even when it would make us late , I always allowed Small Boy to trail Snoopy along. I waited patiently each time we stopped to set him back on his feet.

Why?Snoopy3 toys2remember com

Because I clearly remember my own beloved Snoopy dog, with a shoe in his mouth and slightly bent wire tail. He and I were inseparable, and I still harbour a shred of regret that I accidentally left him in the yard one night and the rain made his paint crinkle.

It’s all too easy in the busy-ness, stress and urgency of normal life to forget the past. Of course, we so often revisit sad, bad and mad moments. But the mundane events and the happy memories so often hide in the shadows.

In our meditations, we can use an object, an event, a colour or even a sound, taste or smell to direct our thoughts and rediscover hidden memories. We can recognise with fresh understanding, God’s hand on our lives and those around us. Try it – dust off some old memories and give thanks to God for those special moments.

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