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I can’t sleep!

You know those night you just can’t settle? Your mind is cluttered up with stuff, real and imagined? The 3am monsters create events that never happened and never will? A wonderful, wise lady once told me how she handles these … Continue reading

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Hey, Mr Postman!

Maintaining a friendship made on holiday, my 7 year-old princess has discovered the joy of letter-writing. Correspondence between the two friends has few words but lots of glitter and quirky pictures that make us all smile. Even the envelopes – in … Continue reading

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Vain repetition?

Do you ever pray the same thing over and over? Ask forgiveness for a sin again and again? I know I do. But is it really necessary? God’s grace and forgiveness isn’t like a stain remover that needs to be applied several times … Continue reading

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Encircling Prayers

An ancient form of prayer, dating back to the Celts, asks for God to surround us, protecting us from danger. These prayers are also known as “Caims” The idea  of God “encircling” us goes back much further than this – … Continue reading

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